State of crypto 2022 report, Apple mixed reality glasses, Spotify NFTs, Uber trip planner, Netflix live-stream specials, Growth-hacking strategies, Biometric payments & more
A guide to validate startup ideas, Airbnb's new features, Web3 and a better internet, Meta's AR glasses demo, Instagram NFTs, OKRs towards PMF, Techโ€ฆ
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Q1 results, Telegram crypto payments, Musk vs Twitter (final round? not yet), Airbnb work from anywhere, Big Tech revenue breakdown, Web3 networkโ€ฆ
Robinhood UK, Big tech Q1 results, Coinbase NFT marketplace beta, Product-led-growth at Maze, Shorter workweek trials, Continuous discovery at startupsโ€ฆ
WhatsApp Communitites, Oculus marketplace sales and Horizon 47.5% commission (!!), Ethereum 2.0, Elon Musk vs Twitter, Web3 and the future of internet โ€ฆ
Uber super app, Google Maps updates, Customer interview questions, Decision-making frameworks, Tesla robots, Meta 3D ads and virtual currency & more
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